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The trail to Devil's Canyon

Matthews, Cole (Western fiction writer)2018
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Anton Kozlov, a mountain man who wanted no part of trouble, had escaped Russia and made a life for himself living on and near Battle Mountain in Nevada. Anton is asked to do a 'favor' for a US Cavalry officer - to retrieve a mail order bride from a stage station and return her to the cavalryman. It sounds easy enough until Anton learns that the stage has broken down near a notorious nest of outlaws. Anton manages to rescue Lucy, the cavalry officer's bride, and they slowly make their way back to the fort. However, the journey is fraught with danger, and their arrival at the fort spells future trouble when it becomes apparent that Lucy's husband-to-be has endangered them all by committing atrocities against the local Paiute tribe. Will this be the last chance or the end of the line for Anton Kozlov?
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Ramsbury : The Crowood Press, 2018.
160 pages ; 19 cm.
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9780719827273 (hbk)
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